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For Immediate Release     COLLEGE STATION, August 6, 2007
Enhance Horse Care and Management with This Online Course

Horse Production and Management, an online certificate program offered by Continuing and Professional Studies at Texas A&M University, has a revised curriculum which includes cutting edge information and training.

The course is taught by Dr. J. Warren Evans, professor emeritus at Texas A&M, author of “Horses: A Guide to Selection, Care and Enjoyment” and co-author of “The Horse.”

For course content, he draws upon his 40 years experience teaching this course and other horse courses, conduction of many clinics on a variety of horse educational subjects, international consulting, and 60 years of practical experience.

While it is designed as an introductory to intermediate course, additional readings are offered for those desiring more in-depth information on select subjects.

Thirteen intense practitioner-based lessons provide participants the biological basis for making decisions related to horse production and management.

Lessons include topics such as: selecting a horse, anatomy, setting up disease and parasite control programs, recognizing lameness, evaluating and formulating rations, managing stallions, breeding and foaling mares, and genetics of coat color inheritance.

Nine laboratory lessons accompany the 13 lessons. In the laboratory exercises, one learns how to: body condition score horses, evaluate shod feet, balance and analyze rations, identify characteristics, to use permanent identification systems, collect and evaluate semen, foal out a mare, take care of the young foal, and evaluate hay.

Dr. Evans is available via e-mail to answer participant questions on subject matter content.

Participants should have a general knowledge of and experience in riding and caring for horses.

Completion (est. one year) of this online course earns the participant 9 CEUs (91 professional development hours) from Texas A&M.

For details and how to register, visit: For more information about Continuing and Professional Studies at Texas A&M, visit: For more information, contact: Warren Evans,, Linda Glessner,, 979-862-7564, or Karen Berg,, 979-845-6346