Why Use an online service when I can install software at home?

  • Web based software goes where you go
  • All you need is an internet connection!
  • You will have not to deal with a LAN (local area network
  • If you download an app for your phone, make sure you have a backup plan.
  • With a web service, you will not have to install upgrades

  • When you use web based software with your mobile web browser rather than downloanding an app built specifically for that phone operating system, you will not have to worry about syncing your data from your phone to the web server. This isn't always seemless.

    Will HorseLogs Administrators ever ask for personal or financial information through email?

    No. Equine Data Services or any other reputable company will never ask you to send any personal or financial information through email. There have been several fraudulent attempts to impersonate banks and other large institutions through emails that look very legitimate, and sometimes even hold the company logo. Never send any private information through email, or online chats like MSN!

    How will I know my data is secure?

    Equine Data Services has applied an encrypted site certificate to our login page so your login credentials are always encryted as they travel the internet. Our data is hosted by a professional internet service provider who guarentees server backups and redundancy. Paying members will benefit from the site certificate encryption throughout their entire session. Our fees are low and offer extra piece of mind. Our company will not succeed if our data (your data) is not secure.

    Software installed on your local computer may provide a false sense of security. If you have an internet connection that is "always" on, you may be vulnerable.

    What will the service cost?

    Log Riding Lessons, Horse Expenses, Income & Notes, in Your Personal Calendar for Free with a Basic Membership

    Pay a Low Monthly Fee of only 3.99 for full access to all features of our online horse management software from any internet enabled computer

    Or...Pay Per Use if you prefer to only log records periodically throughout the year pay $4.25 for 1 month, or $1.99 for one week. Continue to check your calendar for free.

    All features are free for the first 30 days.

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