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My Juicy Summer 2015, Part 2

Author: Lisa Spidell, February 6 2016

Sometime around the end of June, when summer begins horse people in the maritimes transform from their winter and spring selves to all horse. We start to get our heads there around March and it grows until it explodes into a full blown disease by the end of the first show.

We love our horses all year around, but when the weather is good we sneak away from work when we can or simply take all the time off we've earned by working all winter.

Our families don't see us for a few months, and even our spouses and children learn that if they want to spend time with us during horse season, they have to go where the horses are.

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My Juicy Summer 2015, Part 1

Author: Lisa Spidell, January 19th 2016

Last December I purchased a 5 yr old Quarter Horse mare by Smart Like Juice, Sweet Juicy with intent to ride her in Reining shows in Nova Scotia.

When she arrived December 21st it was rather mild and there had not been any snowfall yet. This lasted for about 2 days and then winter hit hard.…

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