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For Immediate Release     Jan 20, 2006
Contact: Dave Thind    e-mail:
Media Relations and Communications, Equine Canada
Tel: (613) 248-3433 ext. 136

Federal Election 2006 Ottawa, Ontario - Elections are an opportunity for special interest groups and sectors to increase awareness, at the political level and with the general public, concerning issues and challenges that affect them. This election is the first time Equine Canada has been in a position to take advantage of such an opportunity.

During the current federal election campaign, Equine Canada’s Government Relations Committee prepared a Policy Position Questionnaire (and supporting Industry Fact Sheet) which was distributed to the party headquarters of the following parties:

Liberal Party of Canada
Conservative Party of Canada
Bloc Québécois
New Democratic Party of Canada

As of January 20, 2006, responses have been received from the Liberal Party of Canada, and the Bloc Québécois. Responses have not been received from either the Conservative Party of Canada, or the New Democratic Party of Canada.

The responses received from the Liberal Party and Bloc Québécois can be viewed on the Equine Canada website at:

Election Responses

Should we receive additional responses, they will be posted to our website immediately upon receipt.

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ATTACHED FILE: Questionnaire package and accompanying letter which was distributed to the various party headquarters. EC Election Questionnaire.pdf*

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